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The best tool in Quebec for the financial controllers

A series of questions put to a business owner:

  • For each of your new projects (or products), and per employee, what is the hourly amount you must include in your proposal (including direct costs, fixed costs, and profits)?
  • Currently, by project, what is the status of projected versus consumed hours and projected versus incurred costs?
  • What are your revenues and profits or loss today, what will they be at year-end, and how do they compare with the forecasts?
  • What is your cash flow today, what will it be at year-end, and how does it compare with the forecasts?
  • Can you provide us, in less than 15 minutes, with all the documents that your bank requires for loan requests (including the projected budget, cash flow plan, projected balance sheet to year-end, and a comparison of current accounting data and the budget)?

Senior management is constantly faced with questions of this kind. To help them provide immediate answers, our team has developed several effective, easy-to-use, and competitively priced applications for the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market.
Timecost applications are secure and accessible using a net browser from wherever you are. In addition, they are installed at low cost, resulting in a win-win situation for your organization.

Enlisting our consulting and mentoring services will give you the tools you need to develop a better overall picture of your organization. Taking an objective look at your company’s operations positions you to strengthen your organizational structure and make fast, informed decisions. This is possible because Timecost delivers real-time strategic information that is recognized by all financial institutions.

A unique service in Quebec

SMEs striving to be market leaders need a well-structured organization and strict control over their financial activities.

Timecost’s online budget management service allows you to:

  • control your income and expenses in real time
  • quickly consult your monthly and annual financial statements
  • generate budget simulations
  • rapidly plan operating budgets
Included among the many benefits are:
  • strict management of your activities on an ongoing basis
  • improved, effective tendering process
  • better cost management
  • expansion projects based on concrete, accurate figures
  • trust between you and your financial institution, and hence more readily accessible financing

Companies today need to react quickly to market conditions and make fast decisions. That means they need easy, quick access to accurate information to manage their operations effortlessly.

Timecost’s online resources and project management service allows you to:

  • rapidly access strategic, up-to-date information on time and cost estimates
  • obtain detailed cost and time data by resource, project, task or period
  • quickly locate your resources from your computer or mobile device

Included among the many benefits are:

  • careful tracking of project costs
  • enhanced progress reports on projects
  • better, faster decision making
  • rapid response to tenders and standardized tenders with extremely precise data
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